Waste not, want not.

I’ve never really liked contributing to waste – especially when it comes to food. Full disclosure: I’m usually pretty good at finishing off a plate, but when my gut fails me I have a sneaky habit of trying to palm off whatever I have left to anyone closest or willing. I get a sense of abandonment when I realise that I’ve let something sit in the back of the fridge, lonely and dejected, edging closer and closer to its doom.

So what do I do when I come home to find 6 bananas teetering on the brink of rejection? Throw together banana bread, of course! Now I’m not going to turn around and give a tutorial to some long-standing family recipe (yet), because there’s really not much to be said for my banana bread at all. Or perhaps to be more accurate; banana-flat-and-soggy-bread. Apparently I don’t yet have that baker’s measuring intuition. I’m taking the fact that it still tasted of banana at the end as a win.

I do, however, encourage experimentation. Don’t think of your sad and wilting food as done in. Think of it instead as an opportunity to get crazy in the kitchen.  Make a soup, a cake, a sauce… anything. Sure, occasionally that’s easier said than done, as with my little malfunction above. Then again, sometimes it’s the action of making rather than the result which is therapeutic. Also think of the empty calories you’re saving yourself if the project fails!

There’s more to this post than an empty little story of a baking expedition gone wrong. In the build up to the new year, many graduates like myself will probably be having a pretty tough time when it comes to landing a job. I keep having to remind myself (rather, others keep reminding me) that this likely has very little to do with my qualifications and a whole lot to do with the time of year. Although more opportunities will absolutely present themselves in 2015, there’s still a month worth of days left to fill before we can bid 2014 farewell. You can get frustrated because of not having anything to do, or you could create your own opportunities – however small. It’s up to you.

Don’t allow yourself a wasted day.

p.s. if anybody actually has a decent recipe for some banana bread, I’m all ears.



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